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What in the world is Lots of Louisville, LLC??

We are a company that comes in when you are downsizing or purging "extra stuff" from your home or cleaning out from the death of a loved one.  We help you to get rid of all of your extra stuff  and in the process, make you some money for all of it!  

For example, recently we have been helping a couple who are moving from their home in the Highlands to a condominium.  Their two daughters are now adults and they just don't need a big home.

They wondered what they were going to do with all the furniture and items from their big home when they were moving into a much smaller place.  That is when they called us!  We offer our clients a cash amount to buy their items or we can consign and go to work making you cash!!  

Unlike estate sales or yard sales that are limited to customers that are just in your area and the money that they will want to spend on something that tickles their fancy, we take your stuff to the internet....where there is a WORLDwide audience.  So we sell estate items 24-7.  There are literally millions of buyers on Ebay every single day.  It might seem hard to believe that someone out there is looking for their favorite childhood game from 1974, but there is!!  (See this article: ​​http://www.whas11.com/life/dozens-are-sending-the-exact-same-shirt-to-a-mom-theyve-never-met/300668525

What about smaller items such as plain drinking glasses or other simple, non-specific items....where would we sell those items?  We have a local online auction each week called Lots of Louisville onsstcuactiongallery.net that has over 300+ local bidders.  You would really have to advertise to have 300+ people come to your local estate or yard sale.  

 So call us to make YOU some money!!


See our new listing for an Ethan Allen Dining Room Set under the tab furniture!  Table that extends to 102" and six matching chairs!  




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